Written by Sid Lakireddy

More often than not, the media fails to tell our stories. So many of us represent the tenacity, hard work, and sacrifice that is takes to build businesses to provide for our families, which is, as you know, a very difficult job to undertake. We do it because we love our children, parents, and spouses and want a better life for yourselves. We start small – saving just enough to buy our first rental property and responsibly maintaining it to house a or maybe several families.

This seemingly small sacrifice is a huge first step in building a self-sustainable business that brings income to our households. Soon enough, after making several more sacrifices, we start the process all over again. Putting our finances and wellbeing at risk, we get another property.

With such a shortage of housing, small property owners are able to purchase properties that could go empty for years or be bought out by large corporations looking to build luxury housing. Small property owners keep the character of communities alive and ongoing. Even after making our third or fourth purchase, the troubles we face are an ongoing nature of the industry. We accepted and understand that, yet we continue to work diligently to ensure our business thrives.

Lately, the prices of homes, triplexes, and fourplexes continue to rise making it much more difficult for the average family to buy a home themselves, so instead they look for rental homes with reasonable rental costs. This is why small rental home providers are essential in keeping together the little stability California’s housing condition has. Alas, not all community stakeholders are familiar or understand the difficulties of providing rental housing as a small business.

Our stories show the endurance it takes to keep going even when it gets hard. Even though we represent hopefulness and selflessness, our stories are hardly ever told in the media or by elected officials. We need to start telling our stories in 2020. We encourage you to tell your story of resilience. We want to hear it, and California needs to know it.

With a new year around the corner and a new ballot initiative in the horizon, it is important to start equipping ourselves with a powerful armor to defeat Michael Weinstein’s 2020 Initiative. It is stories like yours that inform policymakers and reporters of your side of the coin.

Please stay active and be proud of your story. Reach out to learn about how you can be possibly be featured in the next campaign against Proposition 10 2.0. California needs to hear what you have to say.

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