Written by Sid Lakireddy

March marks the time to organize and prepare before the Legislature begins voting and amending bills. Last month, CalRHA’s Legislative Committee and CalRHA’s lobbying team Capitol Advocacy took a close look at the housing legislation that will be heard this year. CalRHA is working with Senator Scott Wilk to sponsor SB 1040, which allows contractors performing inspections of decks and balconies for waterproofing elements to bid on repair work. This year we’re also supporting legislation to streamline the approval process to create more housing units and increase funding for homelessness.

After much deliberation and strategizing, we decided on a handful of bills we will be strongly opposing as we believe they will be the most damaging to our industry. AB 3077, for example, would establish a rental registry portal that rental housing providers would access in order to document information of the property. As a result of the group in Oakland that squatted in an empty home owned by a corporate investment group, SB 1079 would only embolden such behavior and would fine property owners that leave units empty for more than 90 days and even authorizes local governments to seize the property.

This past month, I also had the opportunity to represent the interests of CalRHA at a closely watched Housing Panel hosted by Capitol Weekly. Many of the big players in the housing policy discussion spoke on the panel, and I was proud to be there to speak on behalf of mom and pop property owners. I discussed solutions and the serious negative impacts many housing bills aimed at “fixing the housing crisis” have on us while also worsening the crisis itself.

This year will be another significant year on housing policy. Beyond the number one priority to kill the Weinstein Redux Rent Control Initiative and the Split Roll Initiative on the November ballot, there are several legislative bills that will further make it difficult to offer housing rentals in this state. Please read our Legislative Update for more information on the legislation.

This is why we must all come together to be active and loud on the solutions and oppose policies that, if passed, will make housing affordability and owning a rental housing business worse.

We encourage you to respond to the CalRHA fundraising letter and get involved.

Stay alert and stay active to find success together in 2020!

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