Written by Sid Lakireddy

We are ready to advocate for policies that will make a difference for rental property owners in 2020.

Our phenomenal team of legislative experts, lobbyist, and public relations specialists are working to propose and promote fixing flawed legislation introduced last year.    AB 1482, for instance, was drafted, altered, and influenced by multiple interest groups and rushed through out the door in 2019. We are working with Assemblymember Chiu’s office to propose provisions to the law that would allow rental housing providers to bank rental costs increases, among other things detailed in this newsletter. Last year we defeated a number of bills, but with the passing of statewide rent control, we are also working to ease the burden the new changes applied on our businesses. Our businesses rely on legislators to do their job effectively, and it’s up to us to stay involved and hold them accountable for mistakes.

Despite challenges to achieving affordable, quality housing, we are poised to ease the burden of new local and statewide efforts through several approaches. In San Francisco, County Supervisors voted to place on the ballot a tax on property owners with empty store fronts. In Los Angeles, a vacancy tax is being considered for rental housing providers. In response, we will continue to work with stakeholders to ensure our interests are considered and our concerns are heard clearly, just as we did on 2019 legislation. Legislative proposals like these harm communities. We need to help voters and communities realize how this will lead to destructive consequences.

We will once again keep property owners informed on policies they are most concerned about, including Proposition Ten 2.0. In preparing for this in 2020, we will look back at what we found to have worked best in 2018 and what we can improve on for this upcoming campaign.

With all the changes and moving parts, it is important to keep our community of small rental housing providers informed and equipped with the right information to properly navigate the changes legislation made to our industry. Refer to Cal-RHA.org and StopRentControl.net for more information, and of course, follow us on social media to stay connected.

For the new year, go the extra mile to be part of our movement. Follow us on Twitter (@Cal_RHA) and Facebook (@CalRHA), and participate in the conversations happening online. Be part of the narrative that is shaping how policy is designed.

These are small steps that will further put us on the map.

Take it up a notch and mark April 14-15 on your calendar for this year’s Legislative Day. It is important that every affiliate is present to share our story. Our role in the California housing crisis is often ignored or forgotten about. Legislative Day is our opportunity to voice how we, small rental housing providers, contribute with housing that the state is struggling to provide for constituents.

In this newsletter edition you will find information detailing our legislative priorities for the year, and it is going to be a busy year. Take some time to get to know our legislative priorities, and regularly stay alert with updates. Of course, staying active on CalRHA social media channels is a great way to do so.

Your involvement with the Association is critical to move forward effectively and with strength.

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