Some good news from the state capitol – SB 1053 (Leno), a bill that would have required property owners to participate in Section 8, was held on the Appropriations Suspense file today. As you may recall, Senator Leno introduced a bill that would have made it unlawful to deny housing based on an applicant receiving Section 8 assistance. CalRHA and its affiliates testified in opposition to the measure in the policy committee and actively lobbied against the bill during and after our lobby day in Sacramento.

SoCalRHA, CalRHA’s San Diego County affiliate, recently issued another Red Alert recently regarding AB 2502. AB 2502 is a bill to sneak rent control on new housing construction and reverse 21-years of state law to restrict that failed public policy. AB 2502 gives local governments the power to adopt a my-way-or-the highway policy of requiring a rental housing developer to build rent- controlled units without consideration for the economic viability of such projects.

Click here to read more on both of these bills.

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